Senior FAQ

How do I book a session? Click HERE to book your Design Consultation! You will visit with Tracey Taylor to go over all the details for your session, so that your "Once in a Lifetime Senior Session" is just what you are expecting! At the Consultation have an idea of which type of session you prefer as well as some dates that you are available, you will book your session then. When do I get to see my images? We will set up a view and order appointment 7-10 days after your portrait session. All decision makers should plan to come to this appointment since this is when we will be putting together your order.  Plan to book your session at this appointment, so please bring your form of payment for your Session Fee.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Check are all accepted.

I want to share my senior pictures on Facebook, do I get files for that? Absolutely!! I will post some of your images on Facebook & Instagram and tag you in them, as well I have options where you can have the whole disk of images to plaster your Social Medial accounts with!

When is the best time for my senior session? Depends on when you need them by! If you have a certain date that you would like your order back by, plan to start the process at least 6-8 weeks prior to that date just to be safe.

Do you have a real studio? Yes, I have designated studio space in my home, fully equipped with very unique backdrops especially for High School Senior Portraits!  Look through my Senior Gallery and all the beautiful studio portraits were all done right in my home studio... it is the best photography studio in the Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville area!

What times are available for my session? We generally start our sessions at 10am and sometimes go as late as 7pm, Tuesday thru Friday.  It really depends on the type of session you want and if you are doing Hair and Make-up, which I highly recommend for my girls.

Can we have my session with my horse or other pets? Yes, we love horses! You’ll need to have a session big enough to accommodate the travel time to your horse. You are also welcome to bring your small pet to my studio as long as they are potty trained and well behaved!  We can also have them attend the session on location as well. 

I don’t know what to bring, do you have some suggestions? Yes!  Bring everything that would tell me who you are today!  Do you play a sport?  Bring it.  Do you play an instrument?  Bring it.  Do you have a special pet?  Bring it.  Do you have a hobby?  Bring it.  We will also discuss this all during your consultation!

I have blemishes, can you retouch them? Yes! I do beautiful retouching, also I highly recommend my Hair and Make-up Artist for all of my female clients.  They do a wonderful job of helping to cover any imperfections in the skin as well as making you look your very best!!  For my boys, do your best to cleanse your skin well the weeks prior to your session, and I will take care of the rest!

Can I bring my best friend/significant other with for the session? Yes, a best friend or significant other can stay the entire session and help out if they like, or they can just come in and jump in a couple quick shots with you and then go if they like.  Most of the time they get into the session and start having just as much fun as we are having and they end up staying the whole time!  With that said though, if you are shy with that person there, and you are not "letting your personality shine through" I may ask them to step out of the camera room... so be sure YOU will be comfortable with them watching you before you invite them.

Do I need to know where I want my outdoor portraits taken? No, that’s our job! We’ve spent the past 10 years figuring out where the best spots for portraits are and the best time of day for the different locations. We’ll take the time to do a little get-to-know-you and see what preferences you have, but for the most part you don’t have to worry about it unless you have a specific location in mind. That is what the Consultation is for as well. We will go over all of those things then!

Can we photograph at a specific location? Yes, but travel time needs to be factored into your session. We have no problem traveling to a certain place, but there may be travel charges that are accrued.  This is something to discuss at your consultation.

I love black and white, can you make some of my pictures that way? Of course! In fact, at your Reveal you’ll see our favorites already in black and white.  Any that you order you will also have the option to have them turned black & white.