Family Photographer - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville

Things don't always go right with a family portrait session.  I must say though, they have never quite gone this bad in all my years in business (14)!  

This happens to be my Great Nephew, (Yes, I know, I'm old! Not really, I was just born to old parents!) and they were here visiting us earlier this month.  While they were here, I of course could not let them get away without getting a family portrait of them!  Kenny warned me that their oldest boy has a complete melt down with any camera.  I was like... "oh a challenge!"  He will let his Aunt Tracey take pictures of him!!!  Well, I am convinced this child thinks the camera is going to steal his soul!!!!!  He threw a fit of all fits... one like I have never seen in my studio before!  This one shot is literally ALL we got!!! Good thing my Nephew and his beautiful wife have a great since of humor and they LOVE it, cuz I was horrified and totally beaten at my own game... by a 3 year old!!!  As you can see his 2 year old brother was not having it either!!  Must run in the family!!! LOL  At least the dogs cooperated!!

Photography by Tracey Taylor.  Hair by Client.  Make-Up by Tracey Taylor