Santa Portraits - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Photographer

Yes, I know, Christmas is over.... but I am late, late, late with posting my own families Santa Pictures!!!  I have not even sent out my Christmas Cards to my friends and family yet!!!  I have been to busy with everyone else's cards and portraits to do my own!!  That's ok, my family understands because it is the same every year!!  LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share my own kids Santa Portraits I did this year, since it has been a couple of years since I have had a Santa to photograph.  I was hired by Texas Family Chiropractic, which is my Chiropractor and he is AMAZING... to do Santa Portraits for their patients and his wife's real estate clients, as their gift to them.  It was such as fun event, and I of course took advantage of it and had my kids come sit with Santa!  I even snuck in one with my daughter who was at the event as my assistant!

SOOOO... in doing this, I have also decided that this Santa is the PERFECT SANTA to bring into the studio next year so I can offer Santa Portraits here at Taylor Made Portrait Studio again!!! 

I had about 15 phone calls this year at least, from people finding my old Santa Portraits online and wanting to book a session.  I felt so bad not being able to offer anything!   

So here it is...

SANTA PORTRAITS  NOVEMBER 3rd & 4th, 2018 at Taylor Made Portrait Studio!! 

The set is to be determined, the pictures posted here will NOT BE THE SET!!  You can book your time now by sending an email to Tracey.  I guarantee it will book up!!