Santa Portraits - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Photographer

Yes, I know, Christmas is over.... but I am late, late, late with posting my own families Santa Pictures!!!  I have not even sent out my Christmas Cards to my friends and family yet!!!  I have been to busy with everyone else's cards and portraits to do my own!!  That's ok, my family understands because it is the same every year!!  LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share my own kids Santa Portraits I did this year, since it has been a couple of years since I have had a Santa to photograph.  I was hired by Texas Family Chiropractic, which is my Chiropractor and he is AMAZING... to do Santa Portraits for their patients and his wife's real estate clients, as their gift to them.  It was such as fun event, and I of course took advantage of it and had my kids come sit with Santa!  I even snuck in one with my daughter who was at the event as my assistant!

SOOOO... in doing this, I have also decided that this Santa is the PERFECT SANTA to bring into the studio next year so I can offer Santa Portraits here at Taylor Made Portrait Studio again!!! 

I had about 15 phone calls this year at least, from people finding my old Santa Portraits online and wanting to book a session.  I felt so bad not being able to offer anything!   

So here it is...

SANTA PORTRAITS  NOVEMBER 3rd & 4th, 2018 at Taylor Made Portrait Studio!! 

The set is to be determined, the pictures posted here will NOT BE THE SET!!  You can book your time now by sending an email to Tracey.  I guarantee it will book up!!  

Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville - Glamour Photographer

Oh what fun Angela and I had on the day of her shoot!!!  From the moment she walked into my studio, to the time she left we were laughing!  What a beautiful person, both inside and out!  I LOVE showing women their true beauty, no matter their size, shape, age or what they think about themselves!  Every one of us women are beautiful... in our own way, and I love bringing that out in every woman that walks through my door!  

If you would like to have your own glamour session, and allow me to bring out your true beauty for all the world to see, or maybe just that one special someone...  give me a call/text at 512.663.0641 or send me an email to set up a complementary consultation. 

During your consultation we will go over everything you are wanting to accomplish with your session, you can bring outfits you may want to be photographed in so I can review them with you, you can look through the wardrobe I have in the studio and see what you may want to borrow from that, and we will also go over the price menu in detail.  Before you come back for your session you will know exactly what to expect on the day of your session and also what to expect financially as well.

Let me make you feel like a star for a day!!


Santa Portraits at Texas Family Chiropractic - Pflugerville, Round Rock & Austin Photographer

What a wonderful gift Dr. Houghton of Texas Family Chiropractic gave his patients!!!  A portrait with Santa!!!  I am honored that he chose Taylor Made Portrait Studio to be the one to provide the beautiful portraits!!  Everyone gets a free digital file of their child(ren), and then anything else they would like from what was taken that day, they can purchase from Taylor Made Portrait Studio at a huge discount from regular studio prices.  

Here is the link to all the portraits that you get to download as a gift from Dr. Houghton.  

Here is a link to the rest of the Storytelling Portraits that you can purchase if you like.

There are also some custom items available directly from the studio, they are not available to order in the gallery.  You will need to contact the studio directly at 512.663.0641 or email here.  The information and prices are pictured below.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  I hope that you will all think of Taylor Made Portrait Studio throughout 2018 for all of your portrait needs!! 


This is a custom 10x10 - 4 image Canvas that is available.  It is $65 and only available directly from the studio.

This is a custom 10x10 - 4 image Canvas that is available.  It is $65 and only available directly from the studio.

This is the front of the 5x7 flat Christmas Card.  Pack of 24 is $45  

This is the front of the 5x7 flat Christmas Card.  Pack of 24 is $45  

This is the back of the Flat 5x7 Christmas Card.  Pack of 24 cards is $45

This is the back of the Flat 5x7 Christmas Card.  Pack of 24 cards is $45

Front of the 5x7 Folded Christmas Card - Pack of 24 cards is $70

Front of the 5x7 Folded Christmas Card - Pack of 24 cards is $70

Inside of the Folded 5x7 Christmas Card - Pack of 24 cards $70

Inside of the Folded 5x7 Christmas Card - Pack of 24 cards $70

Back of the 5x7 folded card - pack of 24 cards is $70

Back of the 5x7 folded card - pack of 24 cards is $70

City of Taylor Christmas Party - Family Portraits

The City of Taylor hired Taylor Made Portrait Studio to take Family Portraits of their employees during their Christmas Party as a special gift!  Below you will find the links to two Galleries.  The first gallery is for your complementary portrait, please download your portrait and enjoy!!  The second gallery is all the other portraits that you can purchase at special discounted prices.  These galleries will both expire on December 30th, 2017, so please place any order you are going to place, or download your complementary portrait, before then!

You guys were all so much fun to work with, I hope you LOVE your portraits!!


Complementary Portraits            To purchase additional portraits  

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Taylor Made Portrait Studio

Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock & Cedar Park Family Photographer - Fall Family Portraits

It's that time of year where everyone is wanting their images for Christmas Cards, gifts and just to update their Family Portrait.  I am so sorry that I have not been able to keep everyone up to date with everything I have been doing, but I am only one person, and my blogging and social media updates is unfortunately is what ends up slacking!  I had to share this beautiful family session though!!! 

There is still time to update your Family Portrait!  Call 512.663.0641 or email me directly from my website -  It's not to late!!

Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Photographer - Business Headshots

This lady... she was such a JOY to work with!!!  She kept me in stitches the the whole time she was here in my studio!  I could just adopt her if she would let me! 

During a Business Head Shot Session, I take my time, I am not rushed... I allow my clients time to change clothing up to 3 times.  I encourage a business professional look, then a business casual, and finally a casual look.  You are here, you have paid for the session fee with a "great photographer" (hahaha as I break my arm patting myself on the back), you might as well take the time and get some images your family would love of you as well.  Not just you in a stuffed suit!  ESPECIALLY if you are single, and you may need an updated image for a dating site and all those Social Media platforms out there these days.  Its nice to see the "business" you, but we also want to see the more "personal" side of you too!

A Business Head Shot Session is $179, and that includes the Session Fee with up to 3 outfit changes, and one fully retouched image.  You will come back within a day or so, to view all of your portrait choices and be able to make your final decisions then.

If you are a member of BNI or an employee of the City of Round Rock or the City of Pflugerville, you will get a discount!  Call 512-663-0641 or Click Here to email me to book your session!  I look forward to creating the perfect set of images for you!


Austin Senior Photographer - Deluxe Senior Session

Here is a small sample of what you could get with a Deluxe Senior Session at Taylor Made Portrait Studio!  One day we are in the studio, enjoying the a/c, not having to worry about the weather, the bugs or being ruled by the sun!  You can bring a bunch of different outfits and props.  The prop this Hyde Park High School Senior wanted to bring was her beloved dog!  

The next session is on a location of your choice, done on a completely different day.  So for girls it gives them a chance to wear their hair 2 different ways.  Maybe curly for the studio and straight for the location.  The only downfall to the location is that there is limited places to change outdoors, so changing outfits is not as easy.  We have to get creative!  This is something we discus in detail during your Design Consultation.  Click Here to book yours now!

For this session we went downtown Austin on a Sunday afternoon.  We started out in the back alleys, then ended up on the top of one of the rooftops with the sun in the the background as well as some beautiful sights too!  This is just a very small sample of the images you would have to choose from, I usually show between 40-60 images from a Deluxe Senior Session.

The session fee for a Deluxe Senior Session is $275 and is for my time and talent to create the images and prepare them for you to see, it does not include any digital files or products.  You will come back into the studio within a week or two, depending on both schedules, for your Image Reveal Session.  At that time all decision makers should be there, it is there that you will place your order.   

Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Photographer - Christmas Mini Sessions.... Already!!!

Yes... I know, I have not even given the Great Pumpkin a chance to make and appearance and I am already talking Christmas!!!  I am just on the ball this year!!!  I am so excited to have a Christmas Set this year after not having one for so many years!   This is something so completely different than I have ever done, and I absolutely love it!!  

This is perfect for Families & Children in Christmas Pajamas or kids in their dressed up outfits either one.  The Session Fee is $50 for Tuesday - Friday & $75 for a Saturday session and is due at the time of booking.   For $250 you will receive 10-15 digital files via Dropbox in a few days from your session.   Email Tracey to set up your session by clicking HERE!! 

FYI:  Target & Kohls has a great selection of Christmas Pajamas already as well as being able to order quickly from Amazon!

Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Photographer - Football Portraits!

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan!  Here is one of my fellow Austin Sea-Hawker Board Members.  The booster club that I am a member of,, Seattle SeaHawkers, does way more than get together on game day and watch football and drink beer!  We raise money at every game, and then several times a year we get together as a group and donate our time and the money we have raised to several key charities here in the Austin Area.  We are very proud of the work we do!  We happen to be the largest Seahawks Booster Club or Watch Party in all of Texas!!

With all of that said, even though my heart belongs to the Seahawks, that does not mean that I won't do portraits for you or your family if you happen to be a Cowboys fan or even a Patriot's fan!  LOLFamily portraits with your family all decked out in your teams colors or jersey's makes for a wonderful Christmas card, of which, I happen to create custom ones!! 

So, give me a call and book your family or individual session now for the holidays, as my time is going to book up fast!  Cell 512-663-0641, or Click Here, to email me to set up your complementary Design Consultation so we can plan just the right session for you! 


Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park & Pflugerville Family Photographer - A Love Story

I have never known a couple to be more in love than these two.  Carter & Charlie Lund are the owners of, A Carter T. Lund Salon in Austin, Tx and are some of the best people I know!  Not only are they the most talented hair artists I have EVER known, they are amazing parents to their 9 children and they are MADLY IN LOVE!!  

These are just their couple portraits from their family session I did on location here in Pflugerville.  I could not help but leave an outtake in there for Carter... he always has to do something funny for the camera!  LOL

Thank you to both of you for trusting me with your family portraits over the years.  I have watched your kiddo's grow up to be such beautiful young men and women and the little ones are getting so big, where does the time go?  Thank goodness we have our portraits to stop a moment in time for us to always have those memories.

Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk -Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Photographer

I was so honored when I was asked to photograph the 2017 Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk & Fire Truck Pull at Austin Park & Pizza here in Austin!  Here are just a few of the highlights of the day.  KXAN was there, along with the UT Cheerleader's, the Austin Spur's & of course the Austin Fire Department!  It was a beautiful morning full of fun! 

Business Headshots - Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville Photographer

Realtor Head shots are so very important!!!  They are your first impression to a person looking to buy a home.  I know when we bought this home, I choose our realtor based on the image they had in the magazine!!  It's true!!  I wanted to work with someone I felt like I could connect with.  Luckily it worked out great for us!  So make sure you choose your photographer carefully that creates that portrait for you.  You want a picture of you that is going to bring out your personality and not make you look like someone your not, while also making you look your very best!

I think I accomplished that for Mr. Jaque today!   Call 512-710-8677 to book your business head shot session today.

Headshot Mini's May 1st - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Head Shot Portraits

Announcing Headshot Mini's with Taylor Made Portrait Studio.  The first Monday of every month, starting May 1st.   This is perfect for a Business Headshot, last minute High School Seniors or just because you want a beautiful Headshot done by Taylor Made Portrait Studio!

Fee is $159, and you will receive:
- A video Design/Concept Consultation with the photographer so that you are insured to be prepared for your session and bring exactly what you need
- Hair and makeup done by our team of professional artists at the studio prior to your session.  This is normally a $125 charge you will be getting for FREE!
- 30 minutes of time with the photographer in the studio
- Up to 3 changes of clothing as time permits.
- Reveal Session within approximately 10 days to come back to the studio to see all of your beautiful portraits
- 1 fully edited digital file of your choice

Please email from the website to set up your session time before they book up!  

Also visit for some more beautiful Before & After transformations done by Tracey Taylor.

Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown - First Holy Communion Portrait Session

I always feel so privileged when a fellow photographer comes to me to have her family photographed by me.  Mara, has the most beautiful twin girls that are getting ready for their First Holy Communion, and she wanted some formal studio portrait created of them. I was honored to do them for her!  I hope I have met your expectations!!  

I of course could not let mom out of here without getting a Mother & Daughter portrait of them while they were here.  Mara had her hair and make-up done up and was looking so pretty, but she had a black dress on... which was in stark contrast with the girls dresses.  Being that I happen to have a wonderful wardrobe full of dresses in my studio in all sizes, I was able to put her into a white dress that matched her girls perfectly!!!  This is a timeless portrait that they will cherish for years to come.  Us mom's are always the ones behind the camera... especially when she is a professional photographer such as Mara... so I could not let this opportunity go by an not get a portrait of them!

Pflugerville, Round Rock & Austin Photographer - Nana & Granddaughter Session

This baby girl is the light of her Nana's heart!!  She of course wanted to capture some beautiful memories of her 2nd Birthday, so she brought her to Taylor Made Portrait Studio!  Nana was not expecting to be in any of the portraits, but little miss Chloe was being quite the little stinker, like all 2 year olds are, so I asked Nana to hold her and see what we could get... and we managed to this of them playing.  I love it!  So does Nana!  These 3 portraits will be printed as Gallery Wraps and displayed on the walls of her home.

Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville Studio Photographer: Professional Headshots

I had the pleasure of being a sponsor last week at the Austin Women & Wine networking event.  I brought in my studio lighting and set up a simple black background and offered everyone there a FREE headshot for social media!  Here are all of the beautiful women that I had the pleasure to photograph that night!  

I have more images of each woman, but I am only providing one of them complimentary.  If you would like to see the other images, or get this image without my logo and in a higher resolution, I will schedule a time to meet with you and go over everything!  

Enjoy this quick snipit of what I can do for business headshots!  I hope to see all of you in my studio for a full professional head shot or beauty session soon!

Beauty Photographer - Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville & Georgetown

There is nothing that makes me feel better about myself, than making another woman feel good about herself!!!  I love seeing a woman glow and that smile crawl over her face when she sees her images come over my big screen for the first time, as she is sitting in my Sales Room watching the slide show of all her beautiful portraits!  Here are a couple of lovely ladies that I had the joy of photographing this past week.

Taylor Made Portrait Studio is one of the best around for Beauty Portraits and Business Headshots, both in Studio or on Location.  Hair and Make-up is available for both Studio or Location sessions.

Photography by Tracey Taylor | Hair & Make-up by Kim @ Social Lights Salon

Family Photographer - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville

Things don't always go right with a family portrait session.  I must say though, they have never quite gone this bad in all my years in business (14)!  

This happens to be my Great Nephew, (Yes, I know, I'm old! Not really, I was just born to old parents!) and they were here visiting us earlier this month.  While they were here, I of course could not let them get away without getting a family portrait of them!  Kenny warned me that their oldest boy has a complete melt down with any camera.  I was like... "oh a challenge!"  He will let his Aunt Tracey take pictures of him!!!  Well, I am convinced this child thinks the camera is going to steal his soul!!!!!  He threw a fit of all fits... one like I have never seen in my studio before!  This one shot is literally ALL we got!!! Good thing my Nephew and his beautiful wife have a great since of humor and they LOVE it, cuz I was horrified and totally beaten at my own game... by a 3 year old!!!  As you can see his 2 year old brother was not having it either!!  Must run in the family!!! LOL  At least the dogs cooperated!!

Photography by Tracey Taylor.  Hair by Client.  Make-Up by Tracey Taylor

Head Shot Photographer - Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville

At Taylor Made Portrait Studio, Professional Head Shots is one of the things we LOVE to do!  Everybody, no matter what profession you are in, should be putting your best face forward!  Contact our studio today to schedule your consultation and come in to discuss your perfect Headshot Session.   We offer a variety of backgrounds for both professional and personal images, such as dating profiles, as well as creative lighting and posing.

I have a team of professionals also at my disposal to help ensure my clients have the best outcome and experience as well.  They include: a designer, a stylist and a hair & make-up artist.   

Studio Phone: 512-710-8677       Stuido Email:

Photography by Tracey Taylor   Hair & Make-up by Client