About Taylor Made Portrait Studio

Austin Senior Photographer

What makes Taylor Made Portrait Studio worth the trip and the investment?

  • I have been in the Photographic world since 1987 (dang that made me feel REALLY OLD just typing that out!!), and have been in business since 2004. I don't know what took me so long to realize that this is what I was meant to be doing with my life! So this is not just a hobby of mine, or my passion, it is my BUSINESS and I treat it as such.

  • I have one of the few indoor studios in the area with a huge variety of backgrounds to choose from. I am not limited to just location or "natural light" photography. Even though I have my wonderful studio filled with Strobe Lights, I also have a beautiful room for "Natural Light" photography.

  • I have also trained in Makeup application and basic hair styling. I am one stop shop and able to either fully apply your makeup for your shoot, or help you just “touch-up” your makeup that you have come with. I can also do personal classes to help you learn how to better apply makeup on yourself so that you can feel more confident in making yourself have that “polished” look.

  • I work hard to match backgrounds to your outfits and I limit the use of props, so the important part stands out…you! To me props are nothing but distractions, and your clothing should accentuate you, not distract from you. I also have a fairly extensive wardrobe here at the studio, just incase you need a little something extra for your session! Like maybe that perfect little black dress for that glamour image you had no idea you really wanted!

  • Posing is alive and well here! There are so many unflattering ways to take portraits and most of them involve not posing subjects. I have studied for many years to learn posing for arms, legs and hands so that you look amazing and natural! Sometimes it may feel funny to you while you are doing it, but I know and understand what translates into the camera perfectly! I say it a hundred times a month, "I know it feels stupid, but it will look fantastic!"

  • It’s all about the eyes!! Take a look through my galleries, you will not see an image in there that does not have a beautiful sparkle and bright lively eyes. It’s all about using the correct lighting to bring out beautiful eyes. Great lighting should happen when the portrait is taken... not after the fact in the computer!

  • More about professional lighting... using lighting correctly can flatter you. I won't let won’t fade into the background (if you’re a brunette on a dark background…your hair will blend into the background without the correct lights and you will look like a floating head) and you won’t have flat lighting (that’s when your face appears to be flat instead of having a nose, chin and cheekbones). Great lighting does not happen by accident. There’s a lot of planning and education in it.

  • I have a wide variety of backgrounds, furniture, lighting equipment and locations to choose from. There’s something for everyone here at Taylor Made Portrait Studio, things you will more than likely not find with photographers that only shoot on location.

  • Every year we attend 2-3 conferences and workshops to continue our education in new techniques.

  • Taylor Made Portrait Studio is a home studio, so I do need to let my clients know I do have pets in the home. If you have sever allergies to animals, then we should only do location sessions for your family. In the many years of being in business I have never had a problem more than someone just needing to take an allergy pill before they come over. Please let me know if there is any special preparation I need to do before you come over in regards to my fur babies.